When God Speaks, Do You Listen?

I have to laugh at myself. How could I not? I am so tenacious with God, I press into Him so much so often, and I seek Him so relentlessly, that I cannot fathom why He would not speak to me when I so desperately want to hear from Him. So what’s so funny about this? I am so driven to hear from Him that I often go bulldozing right over the very words He speaks, either not hearing Him because I am so busy bugging Him to speak or conveniently forgetting what He has spoken. I really need to ask myself one simple question. When God speaks, do I listen? How about you?

This morning, while picking up poop for the millionth time, I decided to spend some time with the Lord. I was so busy speaking to Him, so preoccupied with telling God how much I want to hear from Him, that I barely heard what He spoke. When I finally listened, I realized that His message to me was not in the least bit new. For the past few days, He has been speaking to me. I am not sure whether I did not like His response so decided to press on farther, or whether I was just too busy to hear.

What did God tell me. Three simple words. Trust. Rest. Wait. For anybody who knows me, you can imagine my response. I even spoke it aloud.

“That is a tall order for someone like me, God,” I replied. Did I say thank you? No. Was I relieved He had finally spoken? Somewhat. Did I realize He had already spoken, and acknowledge that I simply hadn’t listened? Of course not.

The good news is that I heard Him this time. Trust. Rest. Wait.

Leave it to God to patiently wait while I harassed Him endlessly to speak to me to answer in such a simple, pure, and holy of course way.

Trust. Rest. Wait.

Given how phenomenally tired I have been, given that I have had about three good nights sleeps in the past several months, and given how busy I tend to keep myself, this isn’t such bad advice. Isn’t such bad advice? This is God speaking!

Trust? Ahem. I have been seeking His forgiveness for my unbelief and lack of trust. So go figure. God is asking me to do exactly what I have been having difficulty doing.

Wait? Are you kidding me? That means I have to continue to learn to be patient.

Trust. Rest. Wait. Pretty cool. I can only imagine something beautiful will follow – once I obey.

So here’s the question. When God speaks, do I listen? It’s one thing to beg God with all my heart to speak. It’s another thing altogether to listen – and obey.

So here are my two questions.

When God speaks, do you listen?

When God speaks and you listen, do you obey?

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