Is God Speaking to You?


Is God Speaking to You?

“…and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice.” John 10:4

God spoke this message to my heart. Always check what you believe you hear from Him against His Word for He will never speak against it. If you believe this message is from Him, do you believe God is speaking to you?

   Let me do the leading. Learn to follow. You do not need to know where I am taking you. If you knew, you would not need to follow. You would simply go on your own. What I want you to do is to wait, listen, and when it is time, I will show you where I am taking you as you follow. This is all you need to know. A follower needs to know nothing other than that the one leading is worthy of his trust. He must choose to follow the one leading without going anywhere other than where the one leading leads. Let me lead you. Follow. Along the way, seek me that you might ever be able to hear me when I speak and know me not just as your leader, but as your Lord. Your relationship with me is more important than where I take you. Your trust in me, your love for me, your rest in me, your faithfulness and steadfastness to me as God and to my Word which I have given you must be more important than anything else in your life. Obedience is fundamental because without it, you will not demonstrate your love to me as I desire. What you need to do is to put away everything that distracts you from me, seek me with all your heart, stand fast even when life tries to pull you away from me, hold on to me as your mast, and rejoice in the love I have for you. Turn away from all the sin that makes you lose your grip on me, repent of it, and come to me in repentance that I might bestow upon you my great mercy and lead you forth in my ways. Do not change direction because the world calls you to join in its wickedness. Instead, bow down before me and yield yourself to me so that you are fully mine. Rejoice that I am your Lord.

   This message convicted me I need to do a much better job of denying my own plans, thoughts, and ideas, listening for the voice of the Lord, and following His lead. How about you?

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