Jesus is Contagious

Contagious this. Contagious that. This germ. That germ. If you’re contagious, stay away from others. Right? Not so when it comes to Jesus. He is so contagious I can’t get enough of Him, and He is so contagious I can’t keep Him to myself. Tonight, I was so filled with joy spending time in the Lord’s presence as I walked one of the Walk by Faith dogs that He poured right out of me at the cash register of the grocery store.

In the mere minutes it took me to pay for two groceries, I had gushed out Jesus so joyfully that the kind young man who presented me with my single grocery bag asked if I wanted to stay at the register and share my testimony. Seriously? Yes.

Highly contagious. Not just a little bit. Come to think of it, I was just as contagious this morning when I purchased coffee at the local gas station. Really? Yes. The woman behind the register remembered me bouncing in a few days ago so full of the joy of the Lord that I could tell she was happy to see me – me and my love for the Lord pouring out of my heart and mouth.

Pouring out? Yes. In love, in joy, in compassion, in mercy, in words, in scriptures. Does this happen all the time? No. Does it happen more of the time? Absolutely. How could it not? He is the love of my life, not to mention the Savior of the world for those who choose to call on His name and follow Him.

How could I possibly love Him as much as I do and not be contagious. Just this morning, in fact, after my cup of coffee, mind you, I arrived at the beach with Walk by Faith’s two wheelchair dogs. I was quite certain the Lord had sent me there with them today, but had no idea why. I simply prayed He would use me, and that it would be all about Him and not me nor the dogs. Sure enough, within a short time, I found myself humbled by the opportunity to pray right on the beach for a beautiful young woman needing a touch from the Lord.

Contagious? Yes.

How about you?

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