Jesus’ Plans for Your Life


Dear friend,


A dear friend of mine shared with me one week how opposed she was to leaving the location where she had lived for years to move even 45 minutes away, but within two weeks she was open to the Lord moving her hundreds of miles away and even excited about the prospect.

It reminded me of how close-minded I was for years to the Lord’s will for my life, and how much He has changed me. Now I realize my life belongs to Him, that I need to seek, hear, and obey His will for me, and that I can be excited and thrilled about what plans He has for my future! I need to trust Him! And I need to obey Him! And how thankful I can be as He brings His will to pass!

Are you excited about Jesus’ plans for your life? Are you living your plans or His? Do you seek the Lord regularly concerning His will for you? Are you committed to living for Him and not for yourself?

Jesus Christ is Lord and will reign forevermore! Let us live for the Lord, friend, let us live for Him forevermore!

I encourage you to be excited about Jesus’ plans for your life and to surrender yourself wholly to Him!

“I delight to do Your will, O my God,…” Psalm 40:8

love & blessings,


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