Lara’s Big News!


When I was a little girl, I wrote so fast and furiously that my mother had to scramble through her pocketbook at the grocery store to come up with scraps of anything at all for the words that would come tumbling forth. I sat in my front yard with my best friend Sarah as words flew out of me onto yellow legal pads of paper. At the lemonade stand belonging to me and my brother Eric, we ran out of lemonade. I ran indoors to grab the poetry I wrote to sell at the stand. Some years later, my father and mother gave me their oceanfront condo for a summer for me to write a book. My father said we would discover that summer if I had the discipline to be a writer. How could I have the discipline? I was not a disciple of Christ. I was lost, I was broken, and I threw my writing aside, gave up the oceanfront condo for a screened in porch with a pull-out sofa elsewhere to pursue drunkenness and drunk men. By the end of the summer, I had decided to commit suicide. I had given up my dreams for danger and destruction, sin and suicide. So what is my BIG NEWS?!
On February 2, 2011, as I left the bathroom, the Lord spoke to me. He gave me a title and a book. I had been pressing into Him, asking Him what He wanted me to write for Him. Less than six weeks later, the book was conceived, birthed, sent off to the book designer, sent to the printer, and will arrive and be available for distribution NEXT WEEK!

The Lord saved my life by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, He has transformed my life through the renewing of my mind by studying and applying the Bible, and He has given me His dreams for this life He has given me – including this forthcoming book!

To God be all glory. I pray you will celebrate with me by praising the Lord, rejoicing with me, and considering purchasing a copy through a donation and helping to spread the word.


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