Walking Versus Talking by Faith

I love to tell people that I have strong faith in God, but I need to put my feet where my mouth is. It is one thing to tell people that I have confidence in the Lord. It is another thing altogether to take actions that show that I do. Talking faith really doesn’t amount to a hill of beans if my feet aren’t walking by faith and my actions aren’t demonstrating it. Over the past few weeks, I had a wonderful opportunity to move my feet and not just my mouth.
Walk by Faith Ministry’s first book was headed to the book designer and then the printer, the fence man was finishing up the privacy fencing for the Walk by Faith dogs, medical supplies needed to be ordered, bills had to be paid, St. Francis needed to see the veterinarian for some critical issues, and it was time to shell out a whole lot of money. Did you say money?

Walk by Faith Ministry clearly did not have enough money in its account to pay for everything that was needed. To top it all off, I had lent money to the ministry that needed to be paid back. And, aside from my personal emergency money that I had already dipped into and should not have resorted to again, I had $28.50 in my checking account. Just wait for my next paycheck, right? I don’t have a paycheck! I work full-time as ministry director, but do not have a salary as of yet. I also do not have a second job because the Lord wants me focused exclusively on Him and the work He has set before me in the ministry.

So what was I to do? I could profess faith with my mouth, or not. I could walk by faith with my actions, or not. I decided to do both. I chose to take the actions I needed to take and trust the Lord would provide everything needed. Guess what? He did! I did not stop doing what He asked me to do (like send the book to the book designer and printer!) because I couldn’t see the finances for it. I did not call off the fence work because of fear. I just kept taking the actions the Lord set before me. And, in the midst of it all, I decided to praise Him all the way through for who He is and not just what He does and what He gives.

By the end of last week, I had sent out a prayer request and an honest depiction of our needs to a few precious supporters. Through them and other ways, the Lord provided.

The ministry and I still have a very long way to go financially, but we are doing much better when it comes to walking by faith. As my beloved pastor has said to me more than once, “What’s the name of your ministry?”

Walk by faith!

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