Lara’s Car Update


Perhaps you wonder why I’m taking the time to update you on my car. After all, this is a ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ, right? It absolutely is! So why talk to you about a car? For Christ’s sake, and I mean that literally! So here goes.

I have been on the road for Jesus & ministry with my handicapped ministry dogs for 4 years now writing & publishing Gospel tracts, devotionals & books and video devotionals and doing streets, hotel, and beach ministry with a 2003 Honda Element I have had for about 15 years that now has about 260,000 miles on it. It now has an oil leak, not major as of yet, but nonetheless requiring careful monitoring. It also has parts missing, is very run down, doesn’t have the pickup it once does, but by God’s grace is still in relatively good working order.

That said, as a middle-aged woman traveling on her own with Jesus & my ministry dogs, I believe it wise to replace the car sooner rather than later as I often end up in places I don’t know anyone where I don’t know any mechanics and also travel through areas of the United States that can be rural, mountainous, less populated, etc. I have had car issues along the way, and it’s been pretty stressful scrambling around praying and seeking help.

By God’s grace, my current location where I have been for about a month in south Florida is next door to both a mechanic and a car place where people at both places have been unbelievably helpful with my current car’s oil issue as well as with my car search. In the next few days, I will be test driving what I told the car seller is my “dream car”.

Dream car? It is actually one of the ugliest cars I have ever seen! It is not a pretty color. It is a very odd shape. It is anything but a car I would buy for appearance and comfort sake. So why is it my dream car? Because my number one desire in life is to love and serve and glorify and praise and honor and worship the Lord Jesus Christ forever and to tell the world about Him.

This car with seats removed has a massive cargo space that would be perfect for my few life’s belongings, my handicapped dogs, their medical equipment and dog wheelchairs, and my ministry printing equipment I keep with me so I can produce the tracts and devotional magazines when I don’t have help or when I have help but more is needed or when I have a quick need to get more and don’t want to take the time to wait for some to be prepared and shipped to me. I have as many of you know lost both my helpers except for one who will finish off her supplies while also this past week getting the bad news that the company that promised to do them at an affordable price backed out with no notice and a refusal to help even with one big order to help me as I move forward.

This car has relatively low mileage for a used vehicle, has a luggage rack if I were to be led to use one, and could even be slept in should the Lord ever lead me to sleep in it. The car would not be for me. The car would be for Jesus and to enable me to continue to love and serve the Lord with all my heart.

The car place is offering a remarkably good price, but it is still far more than I am used to spending on anything as I keep my expenses down as much as possible and I am led to maximize my ability to serve the Lord through this ministry.

While I am devoted to the Lord and ministry 24-7, I do not have a traditional salary. The Lord has blessed me with loving and generous people donating along the way and with financial blessings through a house sale some years ago and with an anonymous giver who helps along the way. Nonetheless, I confess at times it is scary to be called to live a life of so walking by faith as the one to which I am called.

All of this said, I would be very thankful for your continued prayers & to invite you if you are so led to donate toward this car and/or to the ministry as a whole as a one-time donation or even as a Monthly Sponsor which is always a wonderful blessing as well.

I am also praying my heart out regarding my next location & working hard on producing issue 8 of lara love’s Good News Magazine to be distributed around the US to prisons, jails, homeless shelters, rescue missions, a Christian medical center, and a Christian medical clinic. I am also trying to get some writing done as the Lord leads, caring for my 2 remaining special needs ministry dogs, and trying to get some greatly needed rest.

Your prayers & your financial giving are appreciated more than you can possibly imagine!

love & blessings,

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