lara’s Latest Update & Prayer Request


Praise the Lord, despite my sadness over leaving the New York City / New Jersey area much earlier than I had hoped for after a few months of amazing ministry opportunities there, the Lord blessed me with several days in Virginia seeing my beloved Mom and also my aunt after about a 5 hour drive. I then spent 12 hours in the car in a single day (exhausting!) driving down to coastal South Carolina where I will be for just a few weeks.

Though exhausted from ministry in the New York City area along with having been assaulted there combined with some very emotional personal circumstances and having been on the road full-time now for over 5 years, my “rest” in South Carolina started off with extreme ministry opportunities. Including spending time with a dying man in dire straits from personal choices and his friend both in exceeding need of prayer and hearing about the Lord Jesus Christ.

This, along with countless other ministry opportunities in just the few days I have been in South Carolina have made it such I am in enormous need of REST and time with the Lord. Rest assured – no pun intended – I am 100% committed to getting rest as I go forward as I trust the Lord will show me how to get it amid all that is going on right now.

In obedience to the Lord, I will soon be packing up to head off to Florida for the next step in my life and ministry which He has made abundantly clear will involve enormous transition and change in how He wants me to press on in my ministry work for Him.

I would be exceedingly thankful for your prayers, and donations to Good News Ministry are always extremely appreciated!

Please note a long-time generous monthly sponsor has told me he is led to donate elsewhere and requested that I try to find a replacement for him. I am putting my trust in the Lord for His provision for my life and ministry, and I would be very thankful for your prayers concerning financial provision & please let me know if you or anyone you know are led to become monthly sponsors.

love & blessings,






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