lara’s Update & Prayer Request


Hi everyone,

I praise the Lord for the approximately 6 ½ weeks of streets ministry in New York City and streets and hotel ministry in New Jersey as well He blessedly gave me. I praise Him for all the amazing opportunities He gave me, for all His provision in my time in this area, and for miraculously saving my life and protecting me from serious injury when I was violently assaulted in New York City.

And I praise Him for loving, comforting, healing, and growing me in the aftermath of the assault, for the amazingly deeply intimate ever-growing personal relationship He has given me with Himself, for my writing and video devotionals, for His countless blessings, for my ministry, for family and friends, for all the people with whom I cross paths and minister to, for His endless love and mercy, for my beloved special needs ministry dogs Miss Mercy and Grace, for helping me let go of New York City which I so love, and for letting me know it is time to move on in what is now over 5 years of being on the road full-time for Jesus and ministry.

Though I so desired to stay in the New York City / New Jersey area until September / October, I am answering God’s call for me to pack everything up and head to my next locations. In obedience to God, my sweet ministry doggies and I are off to Virginia, South Carolina, and then Florida as my next big location.

Prayers and donations are always very welcome! I could especially use prayer regarding safety & security, provision, health for me and the dogs, wisdom & direction, and continued emotional healing in the aftermath of being assaulted. Please pray if and as the Lord so leads you!

Hoping Lord willing to be back to my usual Good News Daily Devotional messages in the near future!

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