Latest 365 BLESSINGS


Blessing #66……….

“O Lord, God of my salvation,
I have cried out day and night before You.
Let my prayer come before You;
Incline Your ear to my cry.” Psalm 88:1-2…………

What a blessing! How often does the psalmist cry out to the Lord in the psalms? Over and again – and again! He yearns for the Lord to hear His cries. The blessing for us? When we repent and turn our lives over to the Lord Jesus Christ, through faith in Jesus and His death and resurrection, we are forgiven and enter into a forever relationship with God we couldn’t otherwise have because of our sins. And this includes access to God day in and day out! FOREVER! We can cry out to Him any time, and He hears all our cries! The most important cry we can ever make is for God’s forgiveness for our sins as we place our faith in Christ as Lord and devote our lives to Him. But our cries don’t need to end there! We can cry out to the Lord over and again, calling out to Him, reaching out to Him, pleading to Him, talking to Him, praying to Him, pouring out our hearts to Him, communing with Him, and yes, listening for His Spirit speaking to us through His Word and directly to our hearts in line with His Word! Oh, the blessing to cry out to God almighty through Christ and to be heard! Oh, yes!

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