“I love those who love me, And those who seek me diligently will find me.” Proverbs 8:17…….
Sometimes we can find ourselves with people in our lives whose voices concerning the Lord are so loud that it’s hard to hear God Himself speaking to our hearts. It’s not necessarily that they want to talk so much and so strongly to us that we can’t hear the Lord, though that can be the case with some. But no matter their intention, the end result may be that we have trouble hearing the Lord for ourselves. And we may become reliant on them to give us godly counsel so much so that we don’t seek the Lord ourselves.

I have had such people in my life at times, and at times I have wrongfully whether intentionally or not gotten in the way in other people’s lives of their seeking and hearing from the Lord themselves.

One of the most beautiful, precious, rewarding, wonderful, and necessary gifts of having an intimate forever relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is that we can – and should – spend time with Him alone daily seeking Him, reading the Bible, hearing Him speak to us in line with the Bible, and obeying Him.

Should we seek godly counsel from others? Absolutely if and as the Lord leads us. But the most important voice we shall ever hear is from the Spirit of God as He speaks to us directly from His Word and as He speaks to us individually and personally to our hearts in line with His Word.

Please make sure you take the time regularly to be with the Lord and the Bible to seek Him, hear from Him, and to obey Him – and to enjoy His glorious loving presence in the process!

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