“My beloved is mine, and I am his.” Song of Solomon 2:16……….

One day clear as I day in my heart I believe I heard the Spirit of God say to me:

“You are beautiful in my eyes.”

Now the Lord knows my heart. And He knows my struggles. He knows how hard I work to love and serve Him and others. And He knows how often I fall into discouragement. He also knows how much and how often I’ve been hurt and let down by people especially those who should have loved me the most. And He knows I have forsaken all for Him. That I have given up a normal American social life. And that I am single on purpose for Him. He also knows I am getting older, that my body has begun its slow decline, and that in the world’s eyes I am not beautiful. I don’t even live by the world’s standards, so how could I be?

I believe the Lord wanted me that day to realize how much He loves me, and to know that no matter what the world thinks, I am beautiful to Him. I also believe with all my heart He was not speaking of outward beauty. I believe He was telling me that my faith in Him, love for Him, and devotion to Him and to His ways, and my wholehearted commitment to ministry are beautiful to Him.

Why do I tell you this? Because I believe when it comes to beauty, our greatest desire for beauty needs to be in the eyes of the Lord. That our greatest yearning as far as beauty is concerned is to be beautiful to Jesus. That while the world turns to movies, television, and fashion magazines to determine worldly beauty, that we need to turn to the Lord and to the Bible to see how we can be beautiful to the Lord.

Friend, may we be beautiful to Jesus. And just as people work hard to be beautiful on the outside to this world, let us work hard to be beautiful to precious forever Lord Jesus!

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