Feeling Angry at God?

” “Be angry, and do not sin”: do not let the sun go down on your wrath, nor give place to the devil.” Ephesians 4:26-27

We never have any right to be angry with God, do we? After all, He is God. But the reality is sometimes we find ourselves angry at Him. Sometimes even extraordinarily so. There are three things we can do when we feel angry at the Lord.

We can turn away from Him and go our own way living with our backs turned against Him. This is sin. This is rebellion. It is dangerous. It can be deadly.

Second, we can go forward in our relationship with the Lord but allow our hearts to harden and keep some distance from Him. We can go through the motions of following Jesus but try to protect ourselves by holding back some if not all of our trust. And some if not all of our hearts. We can try to push down the anger and just keep on keeping on.

Third, we can acknowledge our anger against God is sin, we can seek God’s forgiveness and get rid of it, and we can draw closer to the Lord as we faithfully follow Him forward.

I felt really angry at God when I got to my most recent location on the road for Jesus. I felt like He had let me down. The drive was so incredibly hard and scary going through the mountains. Some of the hotels I have been staying in have been really uncomfortable and sometimes haven’t felt very safe. And sometimes I land somewhere God has sent me and am so uncomfortable and so uncertain at first about why He has sent me there and this time around found myself feeling angry.

I knew the anger was wrong. I knew I needed to trust the Lord instead. And I also sensed I had other sin in my heart that I need to repent from. I didn’t run from the Lord. I went right to Him. I yielded myself to Him as He led me to repentance. I got rid of the anger. I put my trust back where it belongs. In Him.

Now I feel closer to Him than ever.

Feeling angry at God? In an intimate healthy relationship, it’s not wise to turn the other way. We need to go through our challenging places and draw closer to the one we love. Most especially when that one is the Lord!

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