“Then He said to them, “Thus it is written, and thus it was necessary for the Christ to suffer and to rise from the dead the third day, and that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in His name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.” Luke 24:46-47……..

“Got some change?” a homeless man on a New York City sidewalk essentially asked me one day.

There is a massive homeless population in New York City, and it’s not uncommon to be asked for money a zillion times over if you spend any amount of time in the city. In fact, you may be asked by the same person numerous times if you walk up and down the same sidewalk where the person stations himself or herself each day to ask for money.

“Sorry sir,” I told a homeless man begging for money one day. “I”m not the money lady. I’m the Jesus lady.”

I explained.

“You’re going to see me a lot,” I essentially said. “And I’m not going to give you money. But I would be happy to talk to you about the Lord Jesus Christ. I will pray for you. I will encourage you. I will talk to you about the Bible. When you see me, remember, I’m the Jesus lady. Not the money lady. Anytime you want to talk about Jesus, just let me know.” That was the gist of it.

New York City has tons of resources to help the homeless with food, clothing, and shelter. And tons of people will give money. But I am not led to give money. I am led to give Jesus. And this is what this world needs more than anything else. To be told how to have a forever relationship with Christ. To be encouraged in believing in and forever following Jesus. To be called to repentance and to faith in Christ as Lord.

I passed by that man numerous times that night, and we said hello each time I passed. He hasn’t expressed any interest in hearing about Jesus as of yet, but now he knows I’m not the money lady. I’m the Jesus lady.

Two other times that day, I spoke to homeless people asking for money about Jesus. They didn’t express any interest in hearing about Jesus. They wanted money. But when we parted ways, they knew good and well the Jesus lady would be happy to talk to them about the Lord of Lords, King of Kings, forever Christ, almighty God!

There is a time and place to give physical provisions, and that’s when the Lord leads us to do so. My long-time pastor and daddy in Christ who went on to be with the Lord taught me long ago the most important thing we ever give anyone is the Gospel message. Physical provision is so very important, but it’s temporary. The Lord Jesus Christ is forever. And we will spend forever with Him through faith in Him and our lives devoted to Him – or we will spend forever without Him in eternal torment in hell and the lake of fire.

I’m not the money lady. I’m the Jesus lady. Telling the world about the Lord Jesus Christ whenever the Lord so leads me.

Please give physical provisions to those in need whenever the Lord so leads you! But, most of all, please tell the world the only way to eternal life is through the Lord Jesus Christ. And please help people to find and believe in and forever follow God almighty in Christ!

If you want help in believing in and forever following the Lord Jesus Christ for the promise of forgiveness and a forever relationship with Jesus, please feel free to email me at or to call me at 843-338-2219.

Love from,

the Jesus lady

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