“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” John 10:27………

I stood listening to a man rant and rave at me for not giving him money. He went on for ages it seemed about what a terrible Christian I am, how I don’t obey God by following the Bible, how I don’t sacrifice as I should, and on and on………….

“Walk away,” the Lord spoke to my heart.

I did not.

A few minutes went by.

“Walk away,” the Lord told me again.

I would not.

At long last, I obeyed. I walked away. But my obedience was long delayed. I should have obeyed the Lord from the start as He had given me wisdom to protect me.

Long ago, I was married to a drug addict bound in sexual immorality who was extremely verbally abusive. The Lord would tell me as my then husband raged at me to walk away. I would not. I would stand there and engage in battle.

Obedience isn’t simply about obeying God. It’s also about obeying God IN HIS TIME FRAME. His will is perfect, and so is His timing!

With the man on the street, and with the man to whom I was married, I suffered unnecessarily and caused my own damage by not obeying the Lord IN HIS TIME.

Friend, let us obey the Lord. In His time. For HIS GLORY!

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