Dear friend, ……
It amazes me how desperately I didn’t want to come back to New York City this summer for another season of streets ministry here and how immediately upon arrival I found myself fully surrendered and facing what since my arrival have been countless ministry opportunities. Everything I have needed, the Lord has provided. I have drawn closer to the Lord, and He is using me to draw others to Himself. It all began with God’s calling and one single act of obedience. One act of dying to self and living for Christ instead. Of denying me and surrendering myself to Jesus. ………

I want to encourage you to give your heart and life – yes heart AND life – ENTIRELY to the Lord Jesus Christ. Without any exception. Be totally His. Say no to your flesh and yes to Jesus. Even when you don’t want to do something, if it’s God’s will, do it anyway. For Christ’s sake.

The reward of honoring and pleasing and bringing joy to and blessing the Lord, of drawing ever closer to Him, of not merely being in His forever presence through faith in Him and in His death on the cross and resurrection and a life dedicated to Him, but of being totally sold out to Him day in and day out, of growing and growing in intimacy with Christ as Lord, nothing on this earth can possibly compare!

Be His, friend, forever! AMEN!

love & blessings,


“Your kingdom come.
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.” Mt. 6:10

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