The Lord continues to bless me with countless ministry opportunities, and I couldn’t be more excited and thankful – and, yes, a bit tired.

Yesterday, the Lord blessed me with something so very beautiful. I stood at a streetlight waiting to cross when I prayed simply, “Lord, please have me to run into so-and-so.” I had recently learned a homeless woman I dearly love had returned to New York City. Yet I didn’t know where she was staying or if and when I would run into her.

Friend, I looked across the street and there she was sitting on the street corner where she used to sit each day when I met her about a year ago. We saw each other and were so excited we could barely wait for the light to turn so we could run into each other’s arms.

I have shared the Gospel with her, she seems to believe Jesus is Lord, but she has in no way committed her life to Him as far as the way she is living. But there is a mighty strong bond between us, as is the case with a number of my homeless friends in New York City, I am so hoping the Lord will give me opportunities to minster to them as we cross paths with one another on the streets.

Please pray the Lord would use me however He desires with whomever He desires whenever He desires both near and far whether verbally or in writing ALL for HIS GLORY!

love & blessings,


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