Being on the road for Jesus full-time with my little crew of special needs doggies in this day and age in the United States means I am well-versed in coming across unsafe situations. In the beginning of being on the road, every time something scary happened, I wanted to pack my bags and run. I was wise to want to run. But where I wanted to run – a new location – wasn’t the answer. I needed to learn when scary stuff happens while I’m on the road for Jesus, I need to run – to the Lord. For safety, refuge, comfort, protection – and wisdom, direction, and timing. I have learned He knows where He wants me, where to send me, and when to send me. He has His perfect plan and timing.

My safety is in Christ. If you’ve never been on the road for Jesus full-time going from place to place in this modern world in these evil times, you may not know the feelings that go with the territory. Rest assured I’ve had my periods of fear, worry, anxiety, even panic. But each and every time, the Lord has kept me. And blessed me with Christ followers to pray for me, love and encourage me, and send me Bible verses to help me through.

I do not always share the specifics of what I face with everyone, particularly online. But I do share with you this.

Please pray for me and my beloved ministry doggies. Please pray for our safety. And health. And provision.

Thank you for your love & prayers!

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