Latest Little Letter from Lara


Some relatively new friends of mine who are going through multiple trials all at once contacted me from the homeless shelter where they recently moved to give me an update on how things stand. My heart hurts for all they are going through, but at the same time my heart rejoices. For they are strong believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, their faith is in Him, they love Jesus and read the Bible, and they have an amazing opportunity which every one of us has when we go through the trials of this life.

They have the opportunity to:

* Draw closer to the Lord
* To be tested by Him, refined by Him, and increasingly conformed to His image
* To be prepared by Him for where He is taking them in their lives going forward and to be with Him for eternity
* To be used by Him now where they are in their lives as well as in the future wherever and to whomever He may lead them to help build, love, help, pray for, and encourage His Kingdom of followers

There’s a lesson in this, don’t you think? Life has its trials. Let’s not miss our opportunities in the midst of them to fulfill God’s purpose for us day by day – and ultimately forever!

Love from a little blessed servant of the Lord,

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