I have the bittersweet blessing of crossing paths with and having the opportunity to love, pray for, and encourage numerous people hurting because of broken marriages and families and other relationships. I have personally known the devastation of both, and, in my own case, I have suffered the great losses but in many cases not known the great joy of restoration.

Nevertheless, I have through it all experienced the astoundingly immeasurably precious, beautiful, and wonderful continually increasingly intimate personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ as He has refined me, grown me, conformed me to Himself, drawn me to Himself, and prepared and used me to help others.

I am blessed beyond measure now to have opportunity after opportunity to pour the love of Christ into people enduring their own suffering due to broken relationships, and to be given the privilege of helping to point them to the Lord and to His Word and to help them learn day by day to believe in and follow Jesus now and forever.

Please would you pray for broken hearts everywhere, please would you pray for those to whom I am honored to minister, and please would you do your very best to make sure that in your own relationships no matter how others are acting, you are speaking and acting in a way honoring and glorifying to God almighty in Christ.

For while we can’t make others do what’s right in God’s eyes, we are most assuredly responsible for our own hearts and lives and living in a way that brings glory to the Lord through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!

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