Just in case you think I’ve gone into early retirement because I haven’t written my usual WALK BY FAITH DEVOTIONAL and my brand new BIBLE TAKEOUT (a short and sweet Bible study to go), I promise you I haven’t retired. Nor do I plan to retire anytime soon – if ever. So here’s the latest news on Walk by Faith Ministry….

* Walk by Faith Ministry has just released my brand new BOOK on KINDLE. It’s called SIMPLE JOY: A Shabby Chick Christian’s Inspiration for a JOY-Full Life. For only $5.49, you can purchase it at when you CLICK HERE. 100% of all profits from Lara Love’s (that’s me) books go to Walk by Faith Ministry to help fulfill its mission.

* I’m putting the finishing touches on the PRINT VERSION of my SIMPLE JOY book, and will let you know as soon as it’s available to purchase in print.

* Walk by Faith Ministry will debut within the next few days a very exciting new venture as part of its mission to share the Gospel while ministering the Lord’s love to a world in need. Our brand new T-Shirt Shop will include three separate designs of t-shirts available for a donation of $20 each. 100% of proceeds will help the ministry fulfill its mission. Most importantly, the t-shirts are designed to be worn and used as an opportunity to share the Gospel with the world.

* All 18 of the Walk by Faith Ministry’s very special “canine kids” are doing well, despite their various so-called handicaps, disabilities, challenges, etc. The three paralyzed doggies involve plenty of extra care, and the numerous senior doggies have special medication needs. Paralyzed doggie Miss Molly has been in a crate 24-7 for a month now due to a long-term foot injury. Vet visits, medications, constant monitoring, clean-up, feeding, etc. for all 18 of my “canine kids” keep me on my toes beyond description, and I bless the Lord for equipping me to take care of them and for providing everything they need!

* A very special friend of Walk by Faith Ministry took time out of his day off today and drove a good ways to help fix some stuff on the Walk by Faith Ministry property. Praise the Lord for His provision, including for this wonderful friend of the ministry!

* The brand new SATURDAY NIGHT FELLOWSHIP, founded on the scripture 1 John 1:3 from the Bible and specifically the Greek Word “Koinonia” which means fellowship, partnership, distribution, and communion, has taken off. Despite the fact we are starting off as a very small group, we have BIG FAITH and have already had several opportunities to minister to people from the general public who just happened along our gathering. If you live in coastal SC or GA and would like to join us, or are visiting the area, please e-mail me at We welcome people from all churches, ministries, no churches, the general public, etc. ALL ARE WELCOME!

* By God’s grace, I am about to receive a HUGE AMOUNT of doggie food & am resting my muscles today on a very rainy day in preparation for a busy delivery day. Let’s just say most of my deliveries are about 1000-1500 pounds of food at a time, and guess who does the lifting and moving? No gym membership for me, thank you. The doggies and their supplies, and all the walking, keeps me in tip-top shape.

* The Lord has put several new books on my heart to write, and I hope to begin very soon.

In all reality, I could go on and on with the list of all the Lord has placed on my heart to do as Walk by Faith Ministry grows forward. But rather than share more of what’s happening, I would rather jump back on my projects at hand and share with you more as everything continues to unfold.

To God be the glory!!!!!!!!!!!

Please visit Walk by Faith Ministry at

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