“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”” Mark 10:45………..

Years ago, in a fit of me, me, and me, it’s all about me, I decided there was no way I would return to a little church service for people who are homeless because I was totally disgruntled and discouraged with some of how the leadership was acting. Then the Spirit of God dealt with me. Good and hard. Just as I needed.

He brought me to the scripture above as He spoke to my heart that I needed to stop attending that church service to get something for myself. It wasn’t about my needs and wants, not about my comfort, not about my opinion, not about me in the least. He wanted me to not go to be served. He sent me back to serve. He led me to repentance, He changed my heart, and led me right back to the same place – with a different attitude. Oh, sure, I had my falls along the way. The same problems persisted, but I no longer went for me. I went for Jesus and for the people there who needed to be loved and encouraged and helped. And when I did fall again in my attitude, I would need to repent again and remember my mission. To love and serve for the glory of Christ!

I wonder what would happen if we would all stop thinking about ourselves and start thinking about the Lord Jesus Christ and others. And if instead of going through our lives seeking to be served, we would do as Jesus modeled to us and on almighty God, the Bible, and on loving and serving God and others in His holy most blessed splendid glorious everlasting wonderful name!

I needed a change of heart, and sometimes I need this very same reminder all over again. Do you? Let us humble ourselves before God continually and go forth following the Spirit of God as He leads us to love and to serve in the love, strength, mercy, peace, hope, and blessedness of Christ Jesus who is forever Lord, AMEN!

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