“being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ;” Phil. 1:6………..

I talked to a person in ministry one day who shared with me a struggle with believing he was worthy of serving the Lord in the capacity to which he believed he has been called because of wrong choices he had made along the way. Though he did not elaborate, I believe he was most likely referring to his history of sin. I could totally relate. Especially because as desperately as I would love to be sin-free, I still have my struggles…….

There have been times in my years in ministry particularly when it comes to how I have treated my sweet beloved ministry doggies when I have lost my patience that I have believed with all my heart I shouldn’t be in ministry, I shouldn’t serve the Lord, and that I don’t even deserve to be alive! There have been other times I have unintentionally hurt people – and this has broken my heart when I so yearn to love and bless and serve people rather than to harm them in any way! And, oh, most of all, to think of how I have hurt the Lord in my wrongdoing!

My friend, the Lord doesn’t use perfect people to serve Him. None of us is perfect. He uses imperfect people who believe in Him as Lord whom He perfects by His Spirit through His Word along the course of our journey following Him. And because He uses imperfect vessels, all the glory goes to Him not us. What we must do is repent when we sin, yield ourselves to His Spirit as He grows us in His image, and lovingly, humbly, faithfully surrender ourselves to Father God as His children and as His servants – as His vessels for Him to pour His life into and through us! AMEN!

Serving Jesus in our everyday lives isn’t about us and how good or bad we are and how much we can do for Him and how well we can do it. It’s about the Lord and how glorious He is and how anything good we do is in Him, through Him, and for Him. To God be ALL the glory, AMEN, yes, AMEN!

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