What does a day in my life look like as I’ve now been back in New York City for my second season of streets ministry work here? Let me sum it up in one sentence.

I let the Holy Spirit who lives inside His followers lead the way!

Now, with a bit more detail. I spend time alone with Jesus day by day. Some concentrated dedicated time. And all the day and night long also. Praying. Listening. Praising. Worshiping. Reading the Bible. Seeking God. Listening. Thinking about the Bible. Fasting specific foods and other things when He leads me to do so. Thinking about the Lord. Repenting when I need to repent. Being changed by the Spirit of God. Being led by the Spirit of God. My personal relationship with Jesus is the foundation of my life each and every day!

And, upon that foundation, I simply go about my days caring for and walking the ministry’s special needs doggies and talking to people I meet on the streets about Jesus and ministering to them and giving them Gospel tracts, writing for the Lord, publishing, researching opportunities as the Lord grows the publishing portion of the ministry, doing admin work here and there as needed, calling people to minister to them, corresponding with people online about Jesus, ever keeping my heart, eyes, and ears wide open for opportunities to help people to find and forever follow the Lord.

If you followed me around in a 24-hour period and saw the glory of God as He leads me to countless people near and far to talk to about Him and to share my writing about Him, and witnessed how many doors and hearts He opens wide for me to walk through to share the Gospel message and to give messages He puts on my heart for people, perhaps you would be as humbled and astounded as I am especially given my history of decades of brokenness so much so there was no human hope for me.

Oh, how glorious is the Lord! How blessed, humbled, and privileged I am to be given this ministry for Christ. Please keep me prayed up!

Love & blessings,


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