“Exalt the Lord our God,
And worship at His footstool—
He is holy.” Psalm 99:5………..

What if nobody sees your service to the Lord? What if nobody appreciates and recognizes your service to Him? What if nobody pats you on the back and gives you praises for how you serve the Lord? What if nobody knows anything about it at all? Would you do it anyway?

In our human nature, do we not desire to be acknowledged, recognized, loved, accepted, validated, patted on the back, to one degree or another anyway? This world teaches us to be consumed with ourselves, doesn’t it? But the Lord God almighty by His Spirit through the Bible teaches us to be consumed with Him – the Lord Jesus Christ – and with loving and serving Him and others.

We who believe in Jesus Christ as Lord must humble ourselves continually, and, in our humility, we need to learn to be willing to do anything the Lord desires of us in the way of love and service regardless of whether the world sees us, no matter what the world says and does, whether we are validated or not. We are to love and serve the Lord for His name’s sake.

Let us humbly, lovingly, faithfully, steadfastly, loyally, devotedly take on any service work the Lord places on our hearts to do for Him. Let us do it in His love and strength, by His grace and mercy, not for our sake and to seek praise and glory for ourselves, but for His sake and for His honor, praise, and forever glory, AMEN!

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