Change, change, so much change. Growth, growth, so much growth. Refining, refining, so much refining. The Lord is working on my heart. He is working on my life. He is working on this ministry. He is working on this world. Please pray that this little servant of Jesus continually humbles herself before the Lord and lives a life of love and obedience that in all things the Lord may be glorified and people everywhere through me and this ministry would come into the Kingdom of God and be encouraged to live and breathe each and every day to love and glorify God almighty in Christ!

Yes, my heart is HIS! My life is HIS! My time is HIS! My ministry is HIS! May the Lord be glorified day in and day out, and, when I fall, may He bring me swiftly to repentance, and may I quickly carry on loving and serving the Lord forevermore!

Thank you for praying!

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