This morning, I was blessed to talk to a homeless person with extreme challenges with two police officers who know me and my beloved ministry doggies standing there with me. The Lord gave me courage and boldness to talk to the person with policemen right there with us. I had already given the officers Gospel tracts days earlier. This time, I gave one to the person with whom I spoke.

I am exceedingly fortunate to have countless opportunities to minister to people of all backgrounds with all sorts of challenges from many countries with many beliefs with all sorts of careers or none at all of many ages engaging in all sorts of sin with a wide array of life experiences from the rich to the poor to the homeless and addicted to the highly educated to high school drop outs to business owners to criminals to the abused and abusers to the adulterers and broken to the highly successful by worldly standards to the total failures in the world’s eyes and on and on. The Lord has not called me to any one group of people. He has called me to all of humanity, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Would you please pray for all those to whom I am privileged to minister? And would you please pray I am submitted to the Lord as I go forth in life and ministry so I don’t speak and act out of my flesh but instead in obedience to Christ?

Love & blessings,


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