Wow, I’m exhausted! Streets ministry, writing Gospel tracts, devotionals, and books, and caring for the streets ministry special needs doggies, not to mention dealing with numerous challenges I would have loved to have done without. And just a month back in New York City for a season of streets ministry here!

Exhausted? Yes! But thrilled, excited, humbled, and more passionate and on fire than ever to love and worship the Lord forever and to help people worldwide to find and forever follow the Lord Jesus Christ!

This past weekend, I spent time with the Lord, got a little rest, did a little ministry work, took my sweet ministry doggies out into the beautiful sunshine for walks and ministry as the Lord so led, and dealt with a few issues that were perfect opportunities to grow in my trust in the Lord. All reasons to rejoice that I belong to Jesus forevermore!

Prayers are always so very appreciated!!!!

love & blessings,


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