Hi friend

I’m really excited to say the Lord is growing this little ministry day by day to the point I can’t even pretend to keep up with it all! I don’t ever remember having the number of ministry opportunities I’ve been having in such a short period of time out on the streets of New York City where I currently am for the second time since going out on the road for Jesus full-time almost two and a half years ago, and I’m so humbled and blessed to be constantly handing out tracts and devotionals and talking to people about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Oftentimes, I have the streets ministry special needs doggies with me. Sometimes not. No matter what, I have a heart overflowing with love for the Lord Jesus Christ and for people. I am in awe of all the Lord is doing through me, and I truly give Him EVERY SINGLE OUNCE OF GLORY. It’s astounding to me the wide variety of people to whom I’m blessed to cross paths. Some I see daily. Others just once and perhaps never again – or maybe in heaven!

The Lord is also continuing to grow the tracts and devotionals part of my ministry work for Him. I’m working on a new devotional booklet, working with a wonderful new servant of Christ who has stepped in to help with preparing and shipping the tracts and devotionals, and ever trying to keep up with Good News Daily online writing, writing in print, working out where the tracts and devotionals go around the country, etc.

Then there are the dogs. So beloved! So sweet! And they are LOVING their time in New York City where they get an exceeding amount of attention when we go out onto the streets. How much they enjoy the attention, and the people of New York City LOVE them!

I am FILLED with LOVE and JOY, absolutely! At the same time, I am going through a long-time personal struggle which has become much harder recently. Without going into detail, it has to do with the wrongdoing of others and their refusal to repent and turn to Christ as Lord. Their actions and lack of repentance has caused exceeding hurt for a very long time, and I’m having a particularly hard time with it right now. I wish I could say I’m handling it gracefully. I have a ways to go. I’m walking in the Lord’s love and forgiveness, but I’m eating a lot of chocolate in the process! Let’s just say I could be eating a lot better!

I’m far from perfect in learning how to turn my hurting heart over to the Lord. I pray so very much about this and spend much time with the Lord and His Word, but the truth is it still hurts very dearly. Coupled with this I have a long string of hurt caused by others including unfortunately by professing Christians including in ministry positions and churches. I have been reminded along the way Jesus had much trouble with the “religious” people. He wasn’t caught up in “religion” and man-made traditions and keeping up appearances. He was caught up in seeking and doing the will of Father God!

Ouch in response to the hurt, and that’s an understatement! Let’s just say I’m doing a lot of turning to the Lord – and a good bit of gobbling up chocolate. Plenty of walking too as I LOVE to walk and pray and pass out tracts and talk to people as the Lord leads along the way.

I’m super excited to move ahead with my writing and thank you for your patience as I try to keep up with everything.

Please would you pray for me and this ministry as you are led? I would be so very thankful!

love & blessings,


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