For any of you who dig deep into the Bible and are familiar with the battles of the Bible – including the spiritual ones – then you would likely not be surprised how fiery and ferocious are the spiritual battles I face as I press on in being on the road for Jesus with my little crew of special needs streets ministry doggies doing streets ministry and writing & publishing Gospel tracts, devotionals, and books.

The enemy – the devil – can’t stand seeing God’s followers follow Him most especially it seems when they’re working hard to help build the Lord’s Kingdom of followers. The enemy comes at me regularly, but periodically he attacks me so viciously it seems impossible I can carry on. This usually happens when I have a big writing project or have just begun sharing the Gospel in a new location. So I am not entirely surprised since I recently returned to New York City for another season of streets ministry here and am doing lots of writing with one special project included that the devil is coming at me especially hard.

I know my victory is in, through, and for the Lord Jesus Christ, and I would be so very thankful to know some especially strong prayer warriors are warring in prayer for me, this ministry, and the doggies.

love & blessings,


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