So excited and blessed to report a big batch more of my pocket-sized devotionals went out today to prisons and jails around the United States – with another big amount sent out recently. And another huge shipment being prepared by a new co-laborer in Christ to go out to more prisons as well as places for the homeless in the very near future…….

My biggest thrills for years were “falling in love” with men, getting a good suntan, losing weight, feeling loved, going on a great vacation, drinking myself into drunkenness, etc.

My greatest joy and thrill now is loving and worshiping the Lord forever and telling the world about Him!

Please keep the prayers coming as I press on in my streets ministry work in New York City and writing and publishing Gospel tracts, devotionals, and books – with my handicapped streets ministry doggies along for the journey for Jesus!

p.s. donations exceedingly appreciated if you’re led to help support this labor of love for the Lord Jesus Christ!

love & blessings, lara

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