I have never since the day I started ministry work years ago have had as many opportunities as I’m having now on a continual basis to tell the world about the Lord Jesus Christ. I was born to do this. I have never felt more humbled, blessed, honored, privileged, excited, and thrilled as I am now as I grow in my personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and press on in my ministry work for Him.

A loved one asked me this morning what my plans are for the day. She doesn’t believe in the Lord. I know my answer must have surprised her. I told her I had no idea. I didn’t have a plan. I don’t have a plan. This is how I live my life now. I wake in the morning and follow Jesus. Oh, sure, sometimes I have to be somewhere at a certain time to do something specific. But for the most part, I just live and pray, pray and live. Listen for the voice of the Lord, spend my alone time with Him, keep in close contact with Him day in and day out, read, read, read the Bible, and keep my heart and ears and eyes wide open for His leading in ministry.

Some ministry opportunities are sweet and simple. Others hard and incredibly emotional. Some scary and don’t feel so safe though the Lord protects me. Some I could cry over for ages. Some I walk away so excited. Others I walk away weary. Some I get to talk lots about Jesus. Some I sense the Lord wants me to just talk about whatever even simply the weather and give the person a Gospel tract. Sometimes the Lord leads me to help the person with something like carry grocery bags or help lift something or pick up trash. Other times I feel I am to give a strong word of warning about repenting and turning to Christ as Lord before it’s too late. For every opportunity the Lord gives me, I am so thankful.

Yes, I am still quite tired even with some rest this weekend. Though I finished the big draft of my new book, I have light editing to do, my almost daily Good News Daily writing, a new pocket-sized devotional to work on, and I believe He has given me the subject for my next book as well as an exciting project after that.

I also get a bit tired – or sometimes more than a bit! – with caring for my beloved handicapped sweets ministry doggies. Not at all like having a healthy dog you just put on a leash, fill a bowl with food and one with water, and you’re all set. Not in the least.

All of this to say the tired I am is what I call GOOD TIRED. For years, I had exhaustion from the trials of this life. I still have plenty of trials and struggles, but the tired I feel now is a satisfied tired. Fulfilled because I am finally living for Jesus and love nothing and nobody in the world more than Him!

Please keep me prayed up! I sure would appreciate it!

love & blessings,


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