Latest ministry needs


Needs? Who has needs? I do! Plenty of them, in fact. There is nothing quite like directing a ministry with no staff or regular volunteers that operates on a bare-bones budget. So what are my latest needs? And how might you be led to help? Here is just a snippet of the help I could use. . .


  1. Love, prayers & encouragement
  2. Donations!
  3. More monthly sponsors!
  4. Physical help with maintaining the ministry’s property outdoors
  5. Interior painting & upkeep
  6. House repairs
  7. Human food for the 2 paralyzed dogs that are on special diets
  8. Internet marketing help
  9. Help promoting my 5 books & organizing speaking engagements & book signings

Like I said, this is just a snippet – but a starting place.

Please feel free to contact me if you are led to help in any way!

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