Let the Lord Lead


“I want you to wait,” the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart. “This is flesh.”

What I had started to do isn’t the point of this message. What God told me is.

We were created to love, worship, praise, honor, obey, fear, serve, experience, and enjoy God forever through repentance, faith in, and devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ, and when we repent and receive Christ as Lord we are no longer to live for self but to LIVE FOR JESUS. How? Filled with and led by the Holy Spirit of God! According to our sinful flesh? No! According to God and His ways as He instructs us in the Bible!

What was the Holy Spirit telling me? WAIT! Why? Because I had started to indulge my flesh and do something my way according to my will for my purpose for my self. Pridefully as the human apart from God is prone to, I figured I knew what was best. Not so!

Why wait? Because we need to seek the Lord, wait on the Lord, hear the Lord, and follow the Lord! We are not to follow the flesh! We are to follow Jesus! Rest assured the Lord will lead us in all He wants us to do – in His time.

If you’re sensing in reading this message that the Lord is showing you some way in which you have pressed forward IN THE FLESH rather than led by HIS HOLY SPIRIT, please repent, turn to the Lord, seek Him, pray to Him, cry out to Him, wait on Him, and go forward IN HIS WILL, IN HIS TIME, ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE, FOR HIS GLORY! Hallelujah, yes indeed, AMEN!

“Seek the LORD and His strength; Seek His face evermore!” Psalm 105:4

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