Update & Prayer Request from Lara


Dear friend,

By God’s grace, I now have a replacement car for Christ / ministry mobile as I continue being on the road for Jesus with my handicapped ministry dogs! Previous car with about 260,000 miles on sold! I was pressured to lie and sign a legal document saying I had the part recently stolen but refused in God’s strength to bow down to the devil and this world’s ungodly ways. Got the part replaced though I could have made more money by lying, sold the car. Not all the money in the world compares to being with the Lord forever and obeying & honoring Him!

Lord willing leaving south Florida tomorrow (or soon thereafter depending on weather and God’s leading) for the west coast of Florida then coastal South Carolina and most likely up north following. Details and timing in God’s hands. All for His glory! Prayers appreciated as the Lord leads me forth!

Donations welcome for the car for Jesus to add to what I used from personal savings & an anonymous donor who helped with part of it!

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