Why My Little Ministry Keeps Growing


Why My Little Ministry Keeps Growing

“And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved.” Acts 2:47…………….

My little ministry, Walk by Faith Ministry, is growing so quickly – locally, nationally, and internationally – that it’s hard to keep up with it all.

Countless people hold countless conferences and seminars, write books, hold workshops, teach and coach and counsel others, etc., on how to grow a ministry. They teach about marketing, publicity, advertising, goals and agendas, plans and statistics, graphs and charts, business plans, short-range plans, long-term plans, how much money to spend on growing the ministry, how to raise the money, employing worldly ways, worldly measures and techniques, etc., to grow a ministry, to grow a church.

Why is my ministry growing and growing? Why am I having more and more opportunities to share the Gospel and minister to people, why are more and more people around the world hearing about Christ and learning how to and being encouraged in following Him, from people on the streets to the rich and the poor, the hurting and hopeless to the successful and happy, to people in prison to those living in homeless shelters, to the young to the old, to atheists and agnostics to all sorts of people in all sorts of places? For ONE single reason.

THE LORD! He is doing it ALL. I am NOTHING more than His child, His servant, His vessel. And there are three things I do on a daily basis that I believe together is the key to why this little ministry is growing and growing.


My life, and ministry, belong utterly to the Lord Jesus Christ. I have repented, believe in Jesus Christ as Lord, totally committed my life to Him, received the indwelling of the Spirit of God, received the baptism of the Holy Spirit at a later date, ask for and receive regularly fresh fillings of God’s Spirit, and day by day aspire to live my life and lead my little ministry led by God’s Spirit who always and only speaks in line with God’s Word. I continually spend time with the Lord, study His Word and learn to live by it daily, growing ever closer to Him as He conforms me to Himself, and ever seek Him, hear Him, and strive to obey Him. My number one love is the LORD JESUS CHRIST; I live and breathe for Him and to fulfill my life’s purpose as an evangelist and writer with the mission through streets ministry and writing, publishing, and distributing tracts, devotionals, and books to help people to find and forever follow Christ as Lord! In a nutshell, I BELONG TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND LIVE MY LIFE ACCORDINGLY BECAUSE HE IS LORD!


I do not have a business plan. Why? Because my little ministry is NOT a business. It’s a ministry! Instead of looking to a business plan, I look to the Lord and to His Word with the trust and confidence He will lead me and provide for me. Do I do this perfectly? Of course not! But this is what I do. I look to the Lord!


Though I most assuredly am open to godly counsel from people, my primary source for all wisdom and directions for my ministry is THE LORD, and I look to Him continually for wisdom and directions for me personally and for the ministry with which He has entrusted me. I have learned through the years how to hear Him and how to measure what I hear against His Word to ensure what I hear is from Him because He only speaks in line with His Word and never out of line with it.

This little ministry is growing, growing, growing, NOT because of me, but because of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, and ALL GLORY right down to the very words I write He uses to touch and teach and teach and transform people, right down to the words I speak, right down to where I stay and where I go, to my provision, to my relationship with Him, to absolutely everything good in my life and good in this ministry, ALL GLORY GOES TO GOD!

See the verse above? Who grew the church, the congregation of all believers in Christ, in the Bible days? THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!

How to grow a ministry? A church? Let GOD do the growing, and give GOD the glory!










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