Stay Out of This


“Then He said to them all, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.” Luke 9:23…………….

“Stay out of this,” the Holy Spirit told me. I had been daydreaming about something. “You’re about to go into a place I don’t want you going into,” the Spirit of God essentially told me.

The Lord was WARNING me. What I was thinking about was not acceptable to Him. I was thinking in my little daydream about doing some stuff. Involving two other people. About getting involved with something. It all seemed perfectly fine to me. Nothing wrong with it. Or so I thought anyway. But there was a problem. A big one.

It wasn’t the Lord’s will for me to get involved in the way I was considering. And after years upon years of getting involved in things the Lord didn’t want me involved in, and with people He didn’t want me involved with, this time my faith in Him and my connection to Him was so strong, and I had become so incredibly, incredibly, wonderfully close to Him, and was so in tune to hearing from Him and able to do so, that I not only heard from Him, but I wanted – and decided – to obey.

My friend, you who are reading this, sometimes no matter how good it seems and right it feels and acceptable it is in our fleshly minds and even how fine it may seem in the world’s eyes, it is NOT God’s will. Sometimes we’ve already gotten involved with someone, or gotten involved in something, and it is NOT God’s will. Sometimes we haven’t yet gotten involved, but we’re about to jump in and get involved, and the Lord WARNS us. You’re about to get involved in something I don’t want you to get involved in.

There’s only one thing to do when we’ve already gotten involved. Repent and ask the Lord how to proceed. Come out of what we’ve gotten involved in if He tells us to. Or stay if He tells us to now that we’re already in but change how we’re handling things if He desires. Apologize and seek forgiveness from those we may have harmed. There’s only one thing to do when He WARNS us not to get involved in something we haven’t gotten involved in but we’re about to. OBEY THE LORD. Do you see the common theme in this? LOVE GOD. TRUST GOD. OBEY GOD.

For those of us who desire a forever relationship with God, and to spend eternity with Him in heaven, rather than to spend forever apart from God in hell and the lake of fire, and to have a relationship here on this earth with Jesus Christ as LORD, becoming closer and closer and closer to Him, now, and forevermore, the starting place is to repent and believe in Christ as Lord, that He died for us and our sins and sin penalty and was raised from the dead, fully giving our lives over to God and His ways. This is JUST THE BEGINNING. We then enter into a lifelong, and forever-long, journey of following Jesus, of surrendering ourselves wholly to Christ. To God. To the Holy Spirit of God. We become Christ’s.

And, as Christ’s, when God tells us NOT to enter into something, NOT to get involved with stuff, or with a person, or people, whatever it may be He tells us NOT to get involved in and with, we need to OBEY GOD. Because we are HIS. Because we live FOR HIM, and no longer for us (2 Cor. 5:15).

If you’ve already jumped in and you know it’s NOT the will of the Lord for you to be involved, repent and seek Him and OBEY Him. If you’re about to get involved but you’re hearing the Lord warn you NOT to get involved, please heed His warning. We don’t need to understand why. We just need to grasp, and accept, to acknowledge, and remember that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD, and we need to act accordingly, humbly submitting ourselves to God – and OBEY.

   You’re about to get involved in something I don’t want you to get involved in.

Is the Spirit of God speaking to your heart?










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