Living for Him


I realize in retrospect how much I have allowed my writing to be influenced by people instead of God.
One thing I sometimes have moved away from is writing from my heart, especially when my heart hurts. 

Even though the Lord has moved through my heart to touch and transform lives, especially when I have been most transparent, I have allowed judgment, criticism, and opinions from the world to move me away from God’s calling.

I wonder, if we truly lived for the Lord and the Lord alone, disregarding the voices from the world as well as the temptation, lure, and attack of Satan, what would our lives look like?

We would look so much more like the one in whose image we were created, would we not? and we would live our lives as he intended. if only we would let go of the world’s influence, and the world’s ways. 

if only we would truly live for him. 
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