Looking Back with Thanksgiving


Three times so far as of the writing of this book in my years thus far on the road full-time for Jesus and ministry full-time with my special needs ministry dogs, the Lord has sent me to New York City for seasons of ministry work there. I doubt I will ever forget the time He made clear He wanted me to stay through the coldest stretch of a New York City winter. I have become so sensitive to cold that I can get goose bumps at 70 degrees. Imagine my shock, dismay, and fear when God made clear His will to me.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, I believe we should be thankful to the Lord for all of His blessings in the present AND for all He has done in the past. We should be able to look back at different seasons of our lives and remember and rejoice over and praise and thank the Lord for all He did in various seasons.

I had prayed that winter the Lord would give New York City the mildest winter it had ever had in the history of the city. It may not have been the very mildest, but that winter was assuredly unbelievably mild in temperature. I had prayed for really good heat in my apartment as the heat in New York City apartments is often free but controlled by the landlords. My heat was so hot I thought one of my dogs might overheat. The temperature read 88 degrees one time! Others had prayed for my safety. God kept me safe in a dangerous city and through some dangerous situations. Oh, the list goes on. This was several years ago, but still I remember God’s blessedness in that season of my life. And still, I am so very thankful to Him!

I encourage you to keep your heart filled with memories of God’s goodness in the past. And may you continually thank Him for what He has done and is doing and will do throughout the course of your life! Most of all, may you thank Him that He is Lord and for all the amazing aspects and attributes and wondrousness of Jesus Christ being Lord forever and ever, AMEN!

Day #63 of my Big Thanksgiving Challenge. Excerpted from my 100 Days of Thanksgiving Devotional-Journal which you can order when you CLICK HERE.

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