Lord, I Offer You My Worship

“How can I write and worship you at the same time?” I asked the Lord.

“Tell people about me,” He responded. “This is an act of worship.”

How often do you tell people about the Lord? I love to talk about Him, but I never thought of this as worship. I had worship in a human-made box, based on what humans often think of as worship.

But I have taken worship out of its human-made box, and it is so much bigger than I could possibly have imagined. How could it not be? After all, I’m talking about worshiping THE LORD. How can there be any limit whatsoever on worshiping the Creator of the universe?

“Lord, I want to worship you with my writing,” I tell the Lord. “Please help me to love you in this way. Please help me to bow down to you in the words I write,” I continue.

And I wait. What words will come next? What will He place on my heart? I know what He has placed on my heart above all else – a love for Him beyond imagination, and a passion beyond description to share Him with the world.

Sometimes I am so frustrated because I know no words can possibly come close to how desperately I want to magnify His name in all that I do. Sometimes I am bound by my strong educational background that taught me what is “right” and “wrong” when it comes to writing. Sometimes I seek to “write well” instead of to “write for the Lord.”

But always I come back to this. As long as I am alive, as long as I seek the Lord, as long as I study the Word, as long as I pursue fellowship with Him, as long as I chase after Jesus by living the Word as best I am able, the more I will have opportunities to glorify Him in my writing – and in every area of my life.

“God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.” John 4:24 KJV

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