Where Do You Stand with God?

I love God because He loves me. This is what the Bible says. But it is not all of it. Maybe I first loved God because He first loved me. But now I love Him more than anything and anyone in the world because He is no longer a stranger to me. I have come to know Him. I know Him intimately. I know lots about Him because I love to study His Word, but I don’t just know about Him. I know Him. I know Him from experience, this is true. But most of all, I know Him from being in fellowship with Him.

I spend time with Him. I talk to Him. I pray to Him. I ask Him questions. I ask Him for help. I ask Him for advice. I reach out to Him. I share my heart with Him. I think about Him. I talk about Him. I listen to Him. I hear from Him. I write down some of what He says to me. Other times, I just listen. Some times I do a poor job of listening. Most of the time, I obey. Sometimes, I fall short in obedience. He reminds me to obey Him. I go to Him for forgiveness – a lot. I receive His forgiveness.

I don’t just reach out to God. He reaches out to me. I pursue Him. He pursues me. We love each other. And the more time we spend with each other, the more I fall in love with Him. He isn’t just God to me, though that would be more than enough. He is everything to me. Lord. King. Father. Friend. Counselor. Advocate. Healer. Redeemer. Advocate. Teacher. Guide. Buddy. Encourager. Inspiration. Companion. Comforter. Oh, I could go on forever declaring everything He is to me.

Who is God to you? Do you know God personally? Or is He just the head honcho up in heaven looking down at you? Do you spend time with Him? Is He your priority? Is He your friend? Do you stand at a distance from God? Or are you up close and personal? Are you intimate with God? Do you know Him? Do you recognize His voice? Do you seek Him above all else? Do you long to spend time with Him? Or, is God an afterthought?

Where do you stand with God? 

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