Loving Lucy Loses Leg

Loving Lucy has joined the ranks of Walk by Faith Ministry’s special people and dogs who are learning how to walk by faith – rather than by typical, so-called “normal”, worldly, human and canine ways. 
Dr. Rich Bink of Webb Animal Clinic in Port Wentworth, GA, removed her rear leg last week and determined that the unknown cause of her inability to use that leg was in fact cancer. Lucy, who is on “bed rest” for a few weeks, is walking beautifully on three legs during potty breaks. 
When the Lord gave me the name Walk by Faith Ministry for this ministry dedicated to sharing the Gospel as we minister the Lord’s love to people and homeless dogs, never in a million years did I foresee how He would teach so many of us – both human and canine – to walk by faith rather than by sight (2 Cor. 5:7). I continue to be inspired by the two, three-legged dogs, the one two-footed dog, the paralyzed dog, the blind dog, and all the others that are a part of the ministry as the Lord teaches me to walk by faith and then uses us all to help still others learn to do the same. To God be all the glory! 
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