Does Walk by Faith Ever Help People?

Does Walk by Faith Ministry ever help people? Do we only help dogs? Why is there so much focus on dogs? These are likely questions that cross the minds of those new to the ministry, just passing through, or taking a quick peek at our website without knowing the whole story. So here is the answer. Yes! Yes, yes, and yes. We absolutely help people. In fact, our mission is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ as we minister the Lord’s love to people and homeless dogs, too.

Our absolute, 100% primary objective is to share the Gospel of Jesus – to people. It just so happens that in our desire to minister God’s love to a world in need, we also have plenty of opportunities to help both people and dogs. In fact, God uses the people to bring us to dogs in need. He also uses the dogs to bring us to people in need. But everything we do is always in the context of sharing Jesus – the Gospel, His love, and His provisions. Above all else, we want to get the message of Jesus and salvation, of personal and intimate relationship with Him, of learning how to follow Him, of studying and applying His Word to our lives, outside the church walls and into the world at large.

Walk by Faith Ministry, a five-fold ministry, can be broken down into these categories: preaching, praying, writing/publishing, distributing the Lord’s provisions to people in need, and helping homeless dogs. So why then is there so much focus on this website on dogs? What about all the testimonies of the people whose lives are touched and transformed through the ministry? The answer is very simple.

To me, it is of the utmost importance to use wisdom and discernment in sharing testimonies that involve people’s hearts and personal lives. When I am led by the Lord, I love to share how the Lord uses me to share the Gospel and minister His love to people in need. But there are times when I feel led to respect the privacy of the individuals when it comes to writing in the public eye. Even describing them without their names, I believe, can be disrespectful at times in this capacity. Do I share these testimonies over the telephone and in person with others? Sometimes, if the Lord leads, and most often without names to respect people’s privacy. But always, I aspire to hear from the Lord and share only what I believe He would have me to share.

If you would like to learn more about Walk by Faith Ministry, about my personal testimony, about my role as director of the ministry, or anything else that you may not find on this website, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at or to call me at 843-338-2219.

God bless you, and I pray that perhaps you are one of the lives the Lord touches through this ministry.

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