Me & My Best Friends

I have the best friends in the whole wide world. Not only is my best-est friend Jesus, but He has given me amazing friends to walk by my side as I learn to follow Him. As I’ve been walking over some rough road, feeling all the hard and sharp pieces of gravel and glass under my feet during this part of my journey, I have not walked one single step alone. The Lord has been right by my side, and He has sent me friends who are angels. As I learn to open my heart increasingly to Him, I learn, too, to open my heart – bit by bit – to my friends. Anyone who has experienced it knows that trauma and tragedy, abandonment and rejection, abuse and neglect are breeding ground for hardening of the heart. But the Lord has seen fit to take the hardness off my heart, and slowly by slowly I am learning to trust Him like never before. As I do, I open up my eyes each day a little wider and see standing beside me the women of God He has sent to accompany me on this journey called life.

Thank you God for my best friend Jesus. Thank you, God, for the friends who walk by my side. Amen!

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