What the World Says About You

Do you believe what the world says about you, or do you believe what God says about you? I am sad to say I have spent most of my life believing what the world says about me – and suffering the consequences. What kind of consequences? In choosing to look into the world as my mirror, I see an image based on the world’s hurts, opinions, brokenness, wounds, shortcomings, thoughts, judgments, condemnation, confusion, and failed attempts – sometimes – at saying the right thing. But the world should not be my mirror, nor should it be yours. I am created in God’s image, and so are you. So how do I learn to look in God’s mirror? The answer is simple, but not at all easy. I need to study and believe God’s Word. So why is this not easy? Changing my mind about what I believe – after decades of looking in the wrong mirror – necessitates patience, endurance, and perseverance. How many times will I look back in the wrong mirror only to see what I saw before? I will look back as many times as I forget there is a much better way. I will look back as many times as I do not muster up the strength and courage to look into the only mirror that really matters. His.

Eph 1:6 “To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved.” 

Father, please forgive me for judging myself according to the world’s standards. Please forgive myself for looking into the world’s mirror and seeing myself through the world’s eyes. Please, Father, as I walk forward, teach me to look into your mirror as I grow in your image. Please, Father, pour into me your love and help me to see myself with your love rather than the world’s condemnation. Thank you, Lord, for your patience as I learn to walk with you. In the name of Jesus, precious Jesus, Amen.

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