More Injured Dogs on the Way

When I drove 12 hours last week in a single day to pick up a dog paralyzed in a car accident that lay in a rural Georgia shelter, I had no idea how the Lord would move all along the way. Then again, I never do. I have long since discovered that when I am ready and willing to follow the Lord, He is ready and willing to move through me and Walk by Faith Ministry to deliver His love to the world around me. Such has been the case ever since my long drive to pick up Mercy the Miracle Dog. So what exactly transpired as a result, and what has happened in the week since?

On my way to picking up Mercy, I mentioned at a gas station that I was driving to pick up an injured dog. The gas station manager asked if I could help him with a black Lab mix puppy that had been hit by two cars in a single accident a month earlier. Her leg or hip was broken, she was living her life on three legs, and nobody could trap her. I said I would help.

When I went back to the gas station, two hours away, to set up a trap, I had the opportunity to minister to a woman and her family that pulled up at the gas station in need of an ambulance. The family was from hours away. So was the sheriff who “just happened” to arrive as soon as I said to the woman we needed a police officer or to call 911. Only God would have brought us all together from hours away to help this woman and family in need.

When I set up the trap, was unable to catch the dog, and left, I received a phone call the same afternoon regarding a black Lab mix that was injured and need of help in Georgia. I assumed it was the same dog. It was not.

Tomorrow morning, I will wake up early and drive to Georgia to get both injured black Lab mix dogs. But this is not all. And, with God, it never is all. He has long since taught me that if I open my heart to Him and whatever He desires to do through my life and ministry, I will be witness to His mighty power and glory in a world in dire need of help. Why is this not all? Because it is never all about the dogs. It’s about a world in need.

Through Mercy the paralyzed dog and the two injured black Lab mix dogs and my decision to help all three, the Lord has opened the door over and again into the hearts and lives of people in need. Throughout all my driving into areas I never would have traveled, I have made connections to people that only God could have orchestrated.

I keep my spiritual ears and my spiritual eyes open to whenever God might open a door. I know the dogs need help. That is obvious. But I know there are always people in need. They may be at gas stations. They may be at an animal shelter. It may be the police officer from whom I ask directions. All along the way, I meet people who might need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who may need prayer, who perhaps need a smile or a hug, or who knows what else.

One thing is for sure. This world needs Jesus Christ, and this world needs the Lord’s love. And I am a vessel, chosen by God, to humble myself before Him, to keep my heart pure and ready, that He might send me out into this big world to make connections, to carry His love to broken dogs and broken hearts, and to let His glory shine.

I am so in awe of the Lord. So amazed by Him. So in love with Him. And so grateful that He would allow me to bow down before Him and to be used by Him to share His gospel and to minister His love to a broken world.

To God be all the glory.

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