Update on Mercy’s Miracle

Mercy is off to the vet today to get her rabies shot. Why? Because Mercy isn’t going to heaven anytime soon, contrary to what it looked like just a week ago when Walk by Faith Ministry pulled her from a shelter where she was brought paralyzed following a car accident. Despite the prognosis she would never live a quality, enjoyable life, she has proved that walking by faith is the way to go. What does this mean? I am learning constantly that God calls me to live by faith in Him rather than making decisions and living my life based on my circumstances and feelings. So what is Mercy up to these days?

Mercy is continuing periodically to wag her tail, enjoying her pasta and canned food immensely, lifting her head up high for petting, and thrilling me as she learns quickly how to use her wheelchair – especially when I set a container of wet, yummy food just far enough away to give her some extra incentive.

Praise the Lord for Mercy’s miracle! 

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