My Apology Concerning 2019 Donation Receipts


To those who graciously have given to the ministry,

Anyone who knows me well knows I work extraordinarily hard in ministry, have very limited help outside my wonderful helpers with printing & production, and strive to do my very best to love and serve the Lord and others in His name. That said, I fall short and continually need the Lord’s love, grace, and mercy – and this time ask for yours.

Normally at the end of each year, I send out an email and post on my ministry website that I am happy to provide receipts on request for 2019 donations to the ministry. I did not do this at the end of 2019 and apologize for that. I do send out some receipts along the way, but due to my extreme amount of ministry work and my minimal help, I have chosen over the years to simply let people know I can provide them when requested.

Please forgive me for not sending out my annual notification concerning this in 2019. You are welcome to contact me at 843-338-2219 or regarding donation receipts and/or other issues.

Thank you for your love, patience, kindness, and understanding!

love & blessings, lara

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