My Christmas Miracle


Some people’s Christmas miracles come in big silver wrapped packages with pretty pink bows. Other people’s Christmas miracles come in the form of glittering engagement rings, new beautiful babies, and happily-ever-after family reunions. Still other people’s miracles come as long sought after forgiveness, forever hoped-for reconciliation, and priceless restoration with long-lost loved ones. My Christmas miracle is none of the above and not even close. 

Almost 20 years of not being welcome to spend the holidays with my family, and just 20 miles and only weeks away from my husband divorcing me, I have received the greatest Christmas gift of all. I have opened up a package that has no wrapping at all, no bow, and no card to go along with it. I have looked inside my heart and unwrapped Jesus Christ. And I have discovered a love beyond measure, an acceptance beyond description, a mercy that goes on forever, a friend who is always there for me, and a joy so indescribable that I simply cannot contain Him. I am glowing – and flowing – with His love for me and His love through me for His Creation.

This year, I am celebrating a joy and love that having nothing to do with my circumstances. I celebrate what the Lord has done in my heart. He is filled it to overflowing with Him – so much so that I cannot contain Him. What is my Christmas miracle? Jesus. 

He is bigger than my circumstances. He is greater than my problems. He overshadows my challenges. He gives me joy and peace no human can. He is my Prince. He is my King. He is my precious friend forever. Jesus. 

As I study God’s Word and learn to walk by faith in love in Him, I rejoice in the victory of the greatest gift I have ever been given – and the greatest gift I have to give – the Lord.

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