Why Isn’t God Listening?


Do you ever feel like God isn’t listening? Do you sometimes feel like you cry out to Him, and cry out to Him, and still He does not hear? Do you feel like no matter how much you pray, still there is no response? Do you feel like you could talk to Him forever, and still he would not reply? Do you feel like you reach out to Him morning, noon, and night, and still, He does not answer?

We are not called to walk by our feelings; we are called to walk by faith. God has never turned a deaf ear on me, He has never ignored me, He has never given up on me, and He has never abandoned me. He is always there, and He listens. Sometimes He listens because He knows this is what I need most. Sometimes He answers, and I do not hear Him. The question really shouldn’t be why isn’t God listening? The question really needs to be, am I? God knows when I need an answer, and He knows when I do not.

Most importantly, He knows how much I need His love. His love does not need to speak. God knows when I need words. He also knows when I simply need to be embraced. And, if my ears are clogged because my heart is filled with sin, He waits for me to come to Him in repentance. God knows my needs; He knows yours, too. God speaks in so many ways, and sometimes He just chooses to listen. How about you? Are you listening?

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